Buy Your Tickets Now!

Buy Your Tickets Now!

photo by Priamo Tolu

Season ticket prices

Teatro Lirico box office
via Sant'Alenixedda, 09128 Cagliari 
telephone +39 0704082230, + 39 0704082249; fax +39 0704082223

Purchase your online tickets

Tickets for operas and concerts at the Teatro Lirico can also be purchased online using Vivaticket platform.

After selecting the event, you enter a page where you can choose date and seat, in the stalls, in the dress circle and in the balcony, by using the Theatre seating plan.

Tickets can be paid with the major credit cards and after purchasing you can print the ticket you bought.

Info: Teatro Lirico Box office, via Sant'Alenixedda, Cagliari
tel. +39 0704082230, + 39 0704082249; fax +39 0704082223


Nikolas Nägele

Diego Ceretta

Luciano Acocella

Eleonora Abbagnato


Autunno in musica