Performance + Dinner

Performance + Dinner

photo by Priamo Tolu

Turandot will be performed at the Teatro Lirico every Wednesday and Saturday at 21.00. From the 23rd of July until the 16th of August one of the following dinner option can be reserved for you:

Grand Chef. A special menu designed by Roberto Petza will help you discover the extraordinary creations of the Michelin-starred Sardinian chef. Dinner will be served at the Theatre's exclusive restaurant either before or after the performance (starting at 19.30 and 23.30). Menù "a la carte".

T-Hotel: Don't miss dinner either before or after the performance (starting at 19.30 and 23.30) in the dining room of the prestigious T-Hotel, across the street from the Music Park and Theatre. Price € 40.

Price includes wine and soft drinks.


For  more information and reservations please send an e-mail to or call  + 39 070 4082230 - 070 4082249





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